ConXL Planer Test Frame

ConXtech has designed a unique system using collars to pre-fabricate a building before delivery to the site, decreasing erection time, increasing safety, and ultimately decreasing costs. This system needs to pass seismic testing in order to be used in construction. Before I came to ConXtech, an 8x8” column and collar system was already tested by University of Arizona and Smith Emery Los Angeles and ultimately approved. It is being used for spans of 15', making it ideal for residential construction. Now ConXtech is developing a 16x16” column and collar system with the intent of using it in buildings with a span of up to 30', making it ideal for commercial applications. This time ConXtech is choosing to do the testing in house.

DAQ System Requirements

  1. Measure and Record Position of the Column
  2. Control Position of the Column
  3. Measure and Record Pressure
  4. Measure and Record Strain
  5. Measure and Record Bolt Elongation
  6. Ability to Manually Control Position of Column and Pause the Column in its Current Position
  7. Emergency off Switch

Analysis of Model

Analysis was done in Ansys (imported from Inventor) in order to confirm our readings were as expected. Below is a movie of this analysis.

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Bi-Axial Test Frame

In addition ConXtech has developed a larger test frame that is capable of creating a bi-axial load. My responcibilities and requirements were nearly the same but with more sensors, flexibility to add sensors quickly, and better cable management. See Bi-Axial Test Frame Video.