Recomendation 1

Dear Hiring Manager,

I would like to introduce and recommend a key contributor – Mr. John King III, whom I recently lost along with the loss of a product line. I understand you may have a current opportunity for him, but I fully intend to hire him again someday.

John has been a very productive Engineer, spending time in both New Product Development and Continual Process Improvement on our production floor. In Development he has been very successful interacting directly with customers regarding their designs, as well as vendors who provide materials and services. He has leveraged his Six Sigma knowledge well in both groups, and works well with cross functional teams, especially in contentious peer reviews.

John volunteered for many assignments such as becoming a certified Internal Auditor, and is well practiced in preparing and executing audits under 13485 and CFR. His audit role assisted him in creating better product documentation that serves well when he is being audited.

John sought out and completed numerous outside training activities, on his own time, which increased his value within the organization. Always the team player, he scheduled many ‘lunch and learns’ as well as Webinars for his teammates.  He also ran the grill at company barbeques.

I lead Engineers on complicated tight tolerance advanced designs in the Medical Device Industry where customer designs iterate frequently. John easily adapted to that environment, while ensuring fundamental precepts of FDA regulations were adhered to. He was becoming the ‘Go to’ guy!

I highly recommend John as a member of your team – IF you can challenge him!

(name, title, and contact information available upon request)

Recomendation 2

I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with John King for three years. While this may not be a long time, it is pretty easy to see what kind of person and employee he is. During this time we have worked on several projects together. A few of them are completed and a few are in process. The common thread through all of them is John’s desire to see them completed. He is willing to whatever he can to get these projects completed. He demonstrates a desire to get the details right. He asks the tough questions that are necessary to achieve this. John tries to keep things simple and stay within the boundary of common components, but is quite capable when expressing ideas that require some “out of the box” thinking or components.

One thing you can count on with John is honesty and integrity. It may not be the most popular or easy thing to do, but he takes his job seriously and makes decisions based on what is best for the company, and not what would make him more popular. He has a good rapport with his peers as well as those in upper management, as they know John will give them his best effort.

Another responsibility John has taken on with this company is the role of the IT person. He has brought to this company many hardware and software solutions that have elevated our level of operation to the point that we take it for granted. We had so many issues with our systems in the past that I am sure it was difficult to know where to start. But we are so much better off now than when I first started, thanks to John.

I hope you will seriously consider John for this position in your company, and feel confident you are getting a professional person with great work ethic, creative ideas, and high moral and ethical integrity.

(name, title, and contact information available upon request)

Recomendation 3

This letter may serve to recommend to you the services of John King with whom I have worked for several years. I relied upon Mr. King to provide IT support to my group on a 24/7 basis. In this capacity Mr. King proved to be most capable, often working nights and weekends to assure our organization uninterrupted server and network support. Mr. King also has handled all system and department software maintenance to my complete satisfaction. John King is never satisfied with the status quo and always makes himself aware of recent advances in software and hardware, bringing these to my attention when he believe the organization could benefit. Mr. King, a mechanical engineer by education, is also responsible for the configuration and installation of sensor instrumentation for ConXtech’s structural test fixtures and he carried out this responsibility with his usual competence.

During our association I have found Mr. King knowledgeable, competent and relentless in his pursuit of improvement. I have no reservation in recommending his services as a dedicated and valuable employee.

(name, title, and contact information available upon request)