What am I looking for?

What can I offer your client?

I’m a Manufacturing Engineer with 10 years of experience (6 years in medical device). Some of my top skills and experience I can offer are:


Plastic Processes:
RF Tipping, RF Compression Molding, Embedded Marker Band, Micro Molding, Threading, Coils, Kink Resistant Tubing, Flaring, Shaped Tubing, Core Drilling, Bonding, Joining, Spiral Cutting, Medical Grade Adhesives, Disposables, Laser Marker
Plastics: Pebax, PVC, Polyurethane, Peek, Polycarbonate, PTFE / Teflon, Silicone
Metals: Nitinol, S-7, H-13, W-1, SST 303/304, 6061, MIC 6, sheet metal
Coatings: Teflon , Magnaplate, Anodization, and Alodine
Machine Shop:
Mill, Lathe, Grinders, Spade Drill, Polishing, Laser Marker, 3D Printer, Casting, Rapid Prototype Machine
Design Control:
ISO 13485, CAPA, ECO, NCA, DHF, DR’s, NCR, BOM, Validation, and pFMEA
SolidWorks with EPDM and GD&T, AutoCAD, Ansys FEA Analysis, Minitab, FileMaker, ProjectLibre, IQMS, Bartender, CATIA
Quicksilver Controls (2-axis encoder programming), LabVIEW, HC12 Micro controller in Assembly, g-code, Fortran, PLC's; Moeller, Twido, Allen Bradley
Electrical wiring and controls:
LVDT's, Strain Gages, String Pots, Relays, and Contactors
UDI Labeling, MicroScan Label Verification, Zebra thermal transfer printers
Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Pull / Tensile Test, Bend Test, Tolerance Stack Up, Project management, Thermal Camera, Tappi, Various IT / Computer Skills, Statistics, EFD Dispensers, Automated Wire Stripper.